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    Security and Fire Electronics, Inc. offers services like installation, monitoring, maintenance and repair for fire alarms, intercom systems, security systems, surveillance cameras, door access control systems and sound systems.

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    • Fire Alarms
      SAFE Inc. offers complete fire alarm solutions and services like fire alarm installation, monitoring, testing, inspection and repair.

    • Fire Alarm Inspection
      SAFE Inc. offers fire alarm inspection and testing in compliance with national fire codes.

    • Intercom Systems
      SAFE Inc. is a authorized distributor for Telecor Intercom Systems and offers services and solutions for Intercom Systems in central and north east Florida.

    • Security Systems
      SAFE Inc. has team of experts with over 30 years of experience in providing security systems & solutions for a wide range of industries.

    • Surveillance Video Cameras
      Experts at SAFE Inc. has team of experts for designing, installing and maintaining surveillance video cameras.

    • Door Access Control Solutions
      SAFE Inc. offers door access control and gate access control solutions for securing schools and businesses.

    • Sound Systems
      Experts at SAFE Inc. offers professional quality sound systems designed specifically to meet needs of your facility.

    • Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring
      SAFE Inc. offers alarm monitoring services and solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sprinklers, video surveillance systems and door access control.

  • Custom Electronic Product Design & Development
    SAFE Inc. offers various contract manufacturing solutions, electronic engineering and product design services.

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